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Wiki Editing


Wiki Markup

The heart of any Wiki is the users who create and update the pages. A good office Wiki creates empowered users who can find answers to their questions quickly and easily. It also ensures that vital office information is up-to-date and accurate. By allowing all your employees to participate in a company Wiki you can save time, avoid mistakes, and have fun doing it!

Half-Day Wiki

Our half-day course focuses on the most commonly used Wiki markup tools including how to use a sandbox, create links, create headings, format text, work with images, and create new pages. This class is ideal for students who merely want to edit existing pages.

Full-Day Wiki

In the six-hours class we discuss the history of Wikis, the dangers of vandalism, page history, page creation, all of the most commonly used Wiki markup tools, information boxes, discussion pages, and references. This class is excellent for students who want to create their own pages and templates.

Call us today and we'll build a class specifically for your team!

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