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WordPress Training St. Louis

If you want to learn how to use WordPress then we offer courses in using the CMS tool. While Wordpress is a free and open source blogging tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS) it is not always easy to use. Using WordPress seems simple but there are plugins, Themes, and templates that are not so intuitive. WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in use for website development and we love using it. We've developed a number of sites using WordPress and are happy to teach your employees how to use WordPress.

We not only show you how to use WordPress but also provide WordPress Hosting and WordPress Site Design. Our WordPress website designers teach the class so they've seen many of the things that can go wrong in using the tool. If you have a WordPress site then it is vitally important to empower your employees so that they can keep the site up to date and accurate without having to resort to the development team for each and every change. By giving your employees the necessary skills to use WordPress you ensure your website is always up-to-date. This sort of resource leveraging is a hallmark of the modern business world and not just fancy words. Let us train your employees on the best methods of using WordPress.


The ability to purchase Templates, Themes, and Plugins extends the tool tremendously but using WordPress becomes more difficult. We're happy to teach using WordPress with various Templates, Themes and Plugins. Our WordPress designers will use your site as the basis for the class so that your employees learn how to use WordPress on your own site, not just a generic WordPress website.


How to Use WordPress

This two-hour how to use WordPress Training Class is designed for the typical employee who simply needs to update the company site with new content and possibly create pages. In it your employees will learn how to log-in and use WordPress as an administrator, the user-interface, add and edit Posts, add and set properties for media (pictures, sounds, movies), add and edit Pages, get an orientation to using the WordPress text editor including a brief discussion on HTML features, and how to work with the Media Manager.

We think this how to use WordPress training course is absolutely ideal for employees who don't need to know about Themes, Plugins, Menu Management, and other advanced features of using a WordPress site. Typical training involves a full day class where many of these features are demonstrated to students who will never use them. We've had great feedback from our clients about this how to use WordPress course and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

WordPress Administration

This half-day class is designed for the site administrator who delves more deeply into using Wordpress. The class is designed for WordPress developers who want to create a new site, use WordPress Plugins, use WordPress Templates, work with Sidebars, work with Menu Management, use WordPress Theme management techniques, learn system administration tasks with users and user profiles, and other features associated with using WordPress as an administrator.

This is not a WordPress class for users who simply want to add data to an existing WordPress site. If you are planning on creating a WordPress site and need to install a theme, install Plugins, create users, and otherwise develop your own WordPress site this is the class for you. After completing the course you will have a good working idea of how to use WordPress to create your own site and get it up and running quickly and easily.

Advanced WordPress for Programmers

This full day WordPress training course is designed for high-level site WordPress designers who want an in-depth understanding of using WordPress. WordPress is made up of many templates all of which have their own configuration files and there is a great deal of JavaScript and PHP code. In this using WordPress course we look deeply into the inner workings of WordPress and how it can be configured at the most basic level. The entire WordPress site is based on a MySQL database and understanding how to tweak this tool is important if you want to learn how to use WordPress fully.

This WordPress course is best suited for people who have programming experience with both PHP and JavaScript and have a working knowledge of MySQL database functionality. It is most helpful for administrators who need to troubleshoot using WordPress sites and those who want to develop a custom WordPress site from the ground up.

Call us today and we'll help setup a How to Use WordPress class for you!

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