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Moodle Training

Moodle - education for everyone

Moodle is an open source website development tool designed for instructors so that they can teach students anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own home. The web based environment is ideal for teaching classes to people in a virtual learning environment. In this sort of class a student can read the material at their own pace and contribute whenever they have time. The instructor then answers questions and gives guidance, again when they have time.

This learning model is ideal for the modern world when it is all but impossible for people to gather at the same time and in the same place. It is an extremely scalable solution for both large universities and an individual looking to teach ten students at a time.

We also provide Moodle Hosting and Moodle Development

Moodle 2.4

Our training staff supports the latest version of Moodle although we can teach classes for most versions. It can be difficult to train on legacy versions and we might require training on your Moodle server.


Introduction to Moodle

This half-day introduction class is designed for the educator who doesn't want to delve too deeply into Moodle design. We will show you to navigate your Moodle Site, how to create a new Moodle course, a discussion forum, a chat room, a quiz, and how to load files for your students, and how to work with the administrative panel. You will also learn how to post replies to messages and work in detail with discussion forums.

This class is ideal for an instructor who wants to communicate with students and create relatively simple Moodle items. Most instructors are not interested in the various site-administration features Moodle training has to offer but simply want to interact with their students. This sort of interaction is the heart of the Moodle training environment and every instructor should have at least these basic skills.

Intermediate Moodle Design

If you want to work with Moodle from a developer point of view then we can help understand the more intricate features of the tool including question pools, website site with CSS and pages, setting up users and passwords, looking at plugins, security, grade categories and other Moodle advanced features.

This class is best suited for a Moodle site adminsitrator rather than a Moodle instructor. It is useful for creating an attractive Moodle site that is branded for your personal look and feel.

Call us today and we'll help setup a class for you!

For more information - 
Please contact us 314.333.3330
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1750 South Brentwood Blvd.
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Saint Louis, MO 63144

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