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Quicken 1 Training


Organizes Your Money

Quicken makes it easy to manage your spending, stay on top of day-to-day finances, and stick to a budget.

Stay on Top of your Cash Flow

Quicken shows your projected income and expenses for the month… so you’ll know how much money you’ll have left after paying your bills.

Step by Step Guidance

Quicken helps you get set up—and get on the right track toward your financial goals—in almost no time.

Set a Budget

Quicken helps you set up a realistic budget based on your past spending, and tracks your progress.


We train most versions of Quicken but call to make certain we have the appropriate version. If we don't have it we can always come to your site and train there!

Quicken Training at Acumen

You will learn how to set up accounts, categorize transactions, add transactions to a register, transfer funds, split transactions, use memorized transactions, schedule transactions, balance a checkbook, create reports, and use online account services.

For more information - 
Please contact us 314.333.3330
or •This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it•

1750 South Brentwood Blvd.
Suite 200
Saint Louis, MO 63144

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