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Internet Marketing and SEO Training

Finding the modern age of Internet Marketing and SEO to be a little confusing? There are currently many companies that over-promise results. This new technology is confusing and careful monitoring is essential to making sure your money is spent properly. At Acumen we can help you navigate the dangerous landscape of SEO optimization to get not only the most out of your marketing campaigns and SEO efforts but to understand the concepts involved as new technologies become available. Acumen Consulting recommends reviewing your marketing plan monthly.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a difficult and ever changing challenge for companies in the modern era of Google and Bing. Both of the major search providers use secret algorithms to determine which pages raise to the top of searches. It's impossible to guarantee top results but there are solid industry practices that will help your page rise above competitors. See our SEO Help page or Contact Us to find out how we can help you optimize your pages for Google and Bing

We want to tell you up front that there are no simple solutions to these issues and that staying on top of the search game requires constant vigilance. We offer a number of valuable services to explain how to get your pages near the top of search results and how to keep them there.

Shady Practices

SEO is filled with shady practitioners who will promise SEO help solutions for a fee. We can't stress strongly enough that there are no easy or permanent solutions to getting your page noticed by Google and Bing. The algorithms change. The dynamics change. It is a constant struggle. If you go with some of these shady services there is a chance for devastating repercussions from a blacklisting. Please let us help you tread these dangerous and confusing times of SEO.

What We Offer

We provide a wide array of services to help you optimize your pages and market your product. We can provide one-on-one SEO counseling for an hourly fee of $125. We cannot recommend enough a simple one hour session where we explain the complexities of this process and how easy it is to go horribly wrong. You can also register for our seminars where we talk about the latest innovations in the field. If you’re too busy to spend all the time required with SEO we can provide that service for you at an hourly rate of $125. We will manage your advertising campaigns, keep your pages up to date with the latest SEO innovations, and provide you with detailed reports.

For more information - 
Please contact us 314.333.3330
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1750 South Brentwood Blvd.
Suite 200
Saint Louis, MO 63144

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